Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Diablo 3 Props

The Book of Cain

I love infusing story into everything I make. I thought of the Book of Cain table as almost a sort of traveling memorial that the Artisans had taken with them from town to town. Many of his belongings are littered around it.
I also really enjoyed animating the pages turning, I like to think that some of Deckard's Horodric magic lives on in this book, and that the player gets to commune with him whilst identifying their loot!
You can't see it here in this gif, but in game the player stands in a channeling pose and the little golden motes of energy swirl out of the book and into their hands. I sort of thought of it like the spirit of Cain was channeling knowledge to them.


I had the privilege of working on almost all of the treasure chests in Diablo 3. Most of which I designed all the way from concept to creation. It was really satisfying because I got to wear a lot of hats and craft all of their models, textures, FX, and little opening animations. It is always great to collaborate, but sometimes it’s also nice to be able to point to something in game and be able to say “I made that from beginning to end.”

Diablo 3 Greed Realm Props

I was sort of the Diablo teams treasure chest, and barrel dude, so I was really excited to work on the treasure realm! I got to do all of gold FX for when the containers bust open. I also got to make the most Uber chest in the game! We even got to animate it falling down to crush Greed!
When working on this I got to apply everything I had learned from the original game and reaper of souls to craft it. Additionally I got to revisit the Tristram resplendent chest to create the Greed power where she summons treasure chests from the sky to assault the player. It was nice to come full circle and use one of the first chests I made as a part of the fight.

Diablo Piñata

When I was asked to make the Resplendent chest for the secret pony level, I figured that since this level was a joke so it might be okay to break the convention of literal treasure chests. So instead of a traditional resplendent chest, this level,there is the Diablo Piñata!
I made and designed the whole asset, from concept, 3D model particle FX and animation. This was fun to make! I love dark and Gothic stuff but this level was a refreshing goof.

Diablo 3 King Kanai's Throne Room

I was very thankful to get to work on the entrance sequence to enter kanai's hunting grounds. It was awesome to get to fill the space with fire and to get to work with our designers to set up all of the scripted events.
I got to do all of the Visual Effects for when you approach the room. Kanai's Ghost was really fun to work on. I love the stoically he slams his axe on the ground to summon the portal to his hunting ground. I also like how dramatically different the room looks outside of the month of march. It was really rad to take a dark peaceful room and fill it with furious barbarian flames!

Diablo 3 Leah's Room

When the environment art team was blocking in the layout for this room I talked about how I thought it would be cool if it looked a bit like the cinematic, with a writing desk and tons of candles. They liked the idea too and let me decorate, light and make the visual Effects for the scene. I didn't get to do a lot of set dressing on the Diablo project so I’m very thankful to have gotten to do some scene work on this space.